Qnergy’s Methane Power Systems Recognized in Edison Awards 

Rare-earth magnets help convert linear motion to electricity while eliminating oilfield methane 

Qnergy, a specialist in applying magnet-powered Stirling engines for capturing methane to generate onsite power at remote oilfields, is being recognized in the prestigious Edison Awards competition for the innovation and invention of its CAP3Nano system. It supplies utility grade electricity via a novel Stirling engine generator that runs on raw, unprocessed gas to provide reliable remote power to drive and deliver compressed air pneumatics, while eliminating the venting of methane wellpads. 

The system delivers on the vision of a zero methane emissions energy industry and a cleaner world, notes the company. Methane is a powerful yet harmful greenhouse gas, second only to CO2 as a contributor to human-caused climate change. Yet in many respects it’s the more dangerous greenhouse gas, trapping 84 times more heat per unit of mass than CO2 over a 20-year span. 

The company’s free-piston Stirling engine uses rare-earth magnets in the conversion of linear motion into electricity. The engines function as enclosed, closed-cycle, frictionless external combustion systems. They require no lubrication, oil-change or repair and are fuel agnostic, supplying power from any mix of natural gas, propane and biogas. They are basically heat engines with no moving parts. 

The CAP3 nano was a top 3 finalist for awards in Clean Energy in the prestigious awards. Thousands of new products and services are reviewed. Less than 150 ultimately make it on the ballot that goes out to the world’s most senior scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, educators and media leaders to vote, seeking to recognize innovations that create a positive impact in the world. 

Qnergy operates out of offices in Ogden, Utah in the USA and Calgary, Alberta in Canada. For more info, see www.qnergy.com