New Range of Fluxgate Sensors from Bartington Instruments

Mag-13MC & Mag-13MS fluxgate sensors
Mag-13MC and Mag-13MS fluxgate sensors

This new range of Mag-13 three-axis fluxgate sensors from Bartington Instruments builds on the success of its Mag-03 series for high precision magnetic field measurements, with more variants, a greater number of features and better technical capabilities.

The new sensors have increased ranges of 60 μT to 1 mT (a  2mT version will be released next year) and a variety of noise options, with levels down to <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz. They are environmentally sealed and shielded from electrical interference, making them useable in a wider range of applications. Each device also incorporates a test coil for remote testing in situ, and a temperature sensor to improve the post processing of data.

Single axis versions of the sensors are also available.

Versions with cylindrical and square section enclosures have already been introduced. The rest of the range will follow in 2014, including versions with a deep submersible enclosure, and two-part assembly for cryogenic, high vacuum and high temperature applications.
Also to be released in 2014 is Mag-14, with the same variants as Mag-13 but bandwidth up to 12kHz.

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