Piconics Conical Inductors Added to Modelithics 3D Model Library

Two conical inductors from Piconics have been added to the Modelithics library of 3D models. Both are validated through 67 GHz, making them well suited for extremely broadband applications. Potential use cases include bias tees, broad-band filtering, and multiplexer applications. 

The inductors have inductance values of 0.170 and 0.250 µH, respectively. One is rated for a maximum current of 325 mA, while the other has a maximum current rating of 230 mA. The models are available within the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library v20.8 for Ansys HFSS. 

Piconics is a supplier of microelectronic coil inductors for aerospace, military, telecom, test & measurement and medical electronics applications. It specializes in miniature mil-spec grade inductors along with tight tolerance, magnet wire windings. Modelithics develops software models of RF and microwave components and semiconductor devices with extensive libraries available for the products of several manufacturers of magnetic components. For more information, see www.modelithics.com and www.piconics.com