Pewatron Designs Slim Hall Effect Angle Sensor

Pewatron has developed a slim Hall Effect sensor for designers needing angle sensing in small spaces which has a touchless version with a small magnet unit. It is particularly well suited for humanoid robots, personal mobility devices, flowmeters and for measuring the angle of hip joint in exoskeletons. 

With a body thickness of only 4.4 mm, the CP-1Hx is a contactless angle sensor designed for small space constraints. As a special variant, the touchless version comprising a separate magnet unit is available which can be used for measuring the flap angle of a valve in a flowmeter. The product comes in two shaft versions and its angular range can be chosen from 50 degrees up to 360 degrees. 

Based in Zurich, Pewatron manufactures a broad range of sensors as well as DC brush motors, power supplies and electronic components.