Permanent Magnets: Technologies and Global Markets has announced a new market research report is available in its catalog, Permanent Magnets: Technologies and Global Markets.

The global permanent magnet industry has received a considerable amount of attention in recent years, in large part due to the export restrictions placed by China on its key raw materials: rare earths. Among the permanent magnet types, NdFeB magnets are the most prominent in terms of usage in critical technologies such as automotive, power generation and electronic goods. China has recently emerged as the world’s largest producer of all types of permanent magnets, with particularly a high control over rare earth permanent magnets.

A comprehensive study on the global permanent magnet industry is extremely important on account of the crucial role permanent magnets play in enabling the technologies that are important for the future, including hybrid vehicles, green energy and advanced consumer electronics.

Due to the high degree of dependence on China for magnets’ raw materials as well as the magnets themselves, it has become extremely important for global consumers to understand the dynamics of the global permanent magnets industry to make informed decisions in terms of sourcing, supplier engagement and alternatives.

This BCC Research study has been conducted on a global scale, and all values in metric tons and US dollars are provided on a global perspective unless otherwise mentioned. All market tables are available in 2012 US dollars.

The report provides current and potential consumers of permanent magnets, with a holistic view on developments within both the supply and demand fronts, which will effectively aid spending decisions currently and in the future.

The report contains:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the global production landscape and sales by major demand centers of permanent magnets.
  • Analysis of production cost of each of the four permanent magnet types.
  • An overview of the patent and license situation in the global permanent magnet industry and recommendations on sourcing options.
  • In-depth analysis of the production landscape for permanent magnet raw materials, along with anticipated supply through 2018.
  • Price forecast of all key rare earths used in the manufacturing of permanent magnets.
  • Detailed supplier profiles of global permanent magnet manufacturers.

This report does not include permanent magnet alloys in the overall market numbers. BCC Research feels that the qualitative and quantitative judgments embodied in this report are valuable contributions to the current knowledge of the global permanent magnet industry.

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