October 2014

  • Handheld Three-Axis Magnetometers: Technology Review
  • The Last Large Gathering
  • LD-50 Load Detector and High Sensitivity Current Transformers
  • Innovation in Magnetic Field Instrumentation
  • Compact SX41 Series SMT Planar Transformers Handle Up To 2kW of Power
  • New Hall System Offers Flexibility for Non-Destructive Testing of Wafer-Scale Materials
  • Bruker Introduces New Products for Preclinical Imaging
  • Ultra Low Power 10-Bit Hall Encoder
  • Expanded Leach System to Mitigate a Major Rare Earth Production Bottleneck at Mountain Pass
  • Global Magnetic Particles Industry Report 2014-2019
  • Sandia Magnetized Fusion Technique Produces Significant Results

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