Exceeding the Performance of Si-Fe with High End Magnetic Materials and Technologies

By Michael Weickhmann & Robert Brand | VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG

Standard motors are most often built up with electric steel, like Si-Fe alloys e.g. NO20. These alloys do possess special soft magnetic properties, which in some application may be a limiting factor, especially, when high induction or low conductivity or even high yield strength are required and the losses are under consideration. Reducing these losses is the main focus of this article and we propose different approaches to improve performance. Laminated stacks of Ni-Fe alloys and Co-Fe alloys may be used to minimize motor losses. Reducing electrical conductivity of soft magnetic material may also reduce losses. Fine lamination with high packaging density also contributes to reducing losses. Finally subdividing magnets do contribute to the reduction of eddy current losses in magnets.

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