November/December 2019

Revolutionary Ferrite-Magnet Fault Current Limiter Graduates from Testing and Heads to Market
FaultCurrent Limited, a UK-based developer of passive magnetic fault current limiters, is reporting successful results from a recent round of independent tests of its next generation fault current limiter.

Continental Transforms Powertrain Division into Vitesco Technologies in Response to High-Growth Momentum to Electrification
Responding to the momentum toward electrification in transportation markets, giant automotive supplier Continental is putting a new face on its powertrain division in the name of Vitesco Technologies. It will be home to an expanded line of e-mobility motor and drive products, increasingly based on advanced electronics and permanent magnet machines instead of combustion engines.

Urban Mining Progresses in Pioneering Effort to Scale Up Rare-Earth Magnet Production from Recycled Magnets
Freshly arisen from the flat, arid countryside of central Texas, a modern 130,000 square foot industrial facility is taking shape that the leaders and investors of Urban Mining Co. are eager to blossom into a pioneering, closed-loop magnet recycling and manufacturing operation. It is designed to recover rare-earth magnetic materials from end-of-life products and turn them into neodymium-iron-boron magnetic materials and products that will be a unique, new domestic source of supply.

How Hall Effect Switches Enable Autonomous Vehicles
Automotive engineers around the world are immersed in harnessing the latest technologies to bring smart, autonomous vehicles to our roads. Those technologies will also enhance the driver and passenger experience far beyond today’s norm, through intuitive human-machine interfaces and highly personalized cockpits.

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