New TYS Series of SMD Power Inductors

Laird has announced the release of the TYS series of SMD Power Inductors. The TYS Series power inductors are used for voltage conversion applications such as DC-to-DC power converters.

DC-to-DC power converters can increase the voltage from a partially lowered battery voltage, thus saving space by using fewer batteries for portable electronics including mobile phones, digital cameras and GPS units. The TYS series is designed for use in these DC-to-DC power converters and ensures that the flow of electricity is one-directional. Laird’s TYS Series offers lower power losses, resulting in a more efficient design than competitors.

These new power inductors from Laird are low profile with a miniature size. They offer higher inductance and current rating than traditional drum core series inductors. They are also AEC-Q200 qualified, meaning they are approved for use in automotive by the Automotive Electronics Council.

“An increased focus on energy efficient designs has made it necessary for power inductor products to provide lower losses, handle higher power capability all in smaller form factors,” said Jill Tsai, product specialist for Laird. “The TYS Series meets all of these demands.”

The TYS series power inductors from Laird offer a high performance and reliable solution at a low competitive cost. Laird is able to keep costs low by utilizing an automated manufacturing process which also ensures consistent quality. The TYS series is now available for order.