New Power Magnetics Lab Kit for Electrical Engineering Educators

July6_CoilcraftCoilcraft has developed a new Power Magnetics Lab Kit to help educators provide hands-on experience in their classrooms and instructional labs. The kit contains a broad selection of through-hole power inductors for easy soldering, and is offered free-of-charge to accredited Electrical Engineering programs.

According to Len Crane, director of Technical Marketing at Coilcraft, “We’ve been providing free product samples to students and educators for years, both individually and for full classroom support, but this is the first time we developed a parts kit specifically with students in mind. The feedback we’ve received thus far has been very positive. Students are having fun applying textbook theories to real power conversion circuits, and they are gaining a deeper understanding of power magnetics in the process.”

The Power Magnetics Lab Kit is just one component of Coilcraft’s expanded effort to support the next generation of electrical engineers. They have also added a Student Resource Center to their website, which offers free access to powerful design tools, a deep library of application notes and other resources. Students can also follow Coilcraft on Facebook to submit photos of their design projects and receive special offers and contest notifications.

For more information on Coilcraft’s student initiatives, contact Len Crane, +1-847-639-6400,