Coilcraft Releases Broadband Conical Inductors

June1_CoilcraftCoilcraft released their newly expanded line of BCL/BCR Series conical inductors at IMS 2015. The products are offered in two configurations. The BCR Series has a full-length cap to protect the coil and provide a large surface for pick and place. The BCL Series features “flying leads” to allow precise positioning and adjustment of the mounting angle.

Both series are now offered in nine inductance values ranging from 0.22 to 8.0 µH. They were designed specifically for broadband and high frequency applications, operating as a series of narrow-band inductors across a frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz. They are suited for use in ultra-wideband bias Tees, where the conical inductor provides the path for the DC bias injection or extraction while isolating the power source from the active device.

For lower frequency applications, Coilcraft also offers their 4310LC Series wideband bias chokes, which provide flat bandwidth with high impedance to 6 GHz.