Low Profile Shielded Power Inductors Offer DCR as Low as 7.06 mOhms

April30_CoilcraftCoilcraft’s XFL6012 series of shielded power inductors combine improved current handling and exceptionally low DC resistance in a rugged, low-profile package.

Measuring 6.56 by 6.36 mm with a maximum height of 1.2 mm, the XFL6012 series provides low DC resistance (7.06 mOhms) and current ratings as high as 14.3 amps. The high-performance, molded parts are mechanically rugged and magnetically shielded, making them suitable in high density circuits. They are offered in five inductance values from 0.18 to 1.0 µH.

XFL6012 series power inductors feature RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper terminations and offer a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C. COTS Plus tin-lead terminations are also available.

As with all Coilcraft parts, free evaluation samples and complete technical specifications for the XFL6012 are available online at http://www.coilcraft.com/XFL6012.cfm.