New Explosion-Proof Industrial Motors from Bodine Electric

Bodine Electric is introducing an extensive series of explosion-proof motors for use in environments where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are likely to exist. Typical applications include chemical injection pumps for the oil and gas industry, automated equipment for use in aircraft hangars, petroleum refineries, dry cleaning plants, fuel servicing areas, chemical processing, or industrial coating and mixing facilities. 

The initial product launch includes 40 standard Class 1/Division 1 AC and brushless DC gearmotor models with speeds from 5.3 to 560 rpm. They are available with low-voltage brushless DC windings, and 230VAC or 460VAC inverter-duty, 3-phase windings. Custom options are available to qualified OEMs, typically involving custom windings, application-specific mounting options or special drive shafts. 

Also being introduced are four all-new Class I/Division 1, explosion-proof AC and BLDC type 34R/34B motors for use in hazardous locations. The AC motors are offered with either 230VAC or 460VAC inverter-duty, 3-phase windings. The brushless DC models are available with new 8-pole, high-power, 12V or 24VDC windings, and set for 120° commutation. 

Headquartered in Northfield, Illinois near Chicago, Bodine Electric offers over 1,400 standard stock products, and thousands of custom designed fractional horsepower gearmotors, motors and motion controls including variable speed and fixed speed AC, brushless DC and permanent magnet DC. For more info, see