New Developments in EMI Shielding from Tenneco

Tenneco’s Powertrain division has recently developed electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in response to the aviation market’s demand.  

“By optimizing the construction and arrangement of each element in the material, we have been able to drive down weight while maintaining exceptional shielding performance across both high and low frequencies,” said Janice Maiden, senior vice president of global systems protection, Tenneco Powertrain division. “We have also focused on maintaining water repellent properties, which minimizes the risk of icing or water ingress degrading system performance.” 

EMI shielding protects against the unintentional generation and reception of electromagnetic disturbances in a circuit or wiring harness. These disturbances can create a variety of unwanted effects, such as causing computer-controlled systems to power up or down. As the use of electronic controls and equipment continues to increase on aircrafts, there is a growing need to ensure that the electrical and electronic architecture is protected from EMI, usually by specially designed protective sleeving. 

The most recent developments are the ROUNDIT EMI XWS and NX EMI products with optimized, weight-saving wire filaments. The shields are all self-wrapping, so can be easily installed on wire harnesses, while allowing the protected assembly to be re-opened for inspection and maintenance. The sleeving can be installed during initial harness assembly or after complete systems are assembled, if an EMI concern is detected, and correction required.  

ROUNDIT 2000 NX EMI provides mechanical protection and EMI shielding for wire and cable bundles. The outer layer, which supplies the abrasion resistance, is manufactured from polyphenylene sulfide monofilaments and Nomex fibers with a water repellent treatment meeting the latest industry standards and requirements. The inner layer is composed of nickel-plated copper which provides EMI insulation. 

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