Motor Encoder Adds Programmable UVW Commutation on a Single Chip

iCHaus.Single Chip Magnetic Encoder ICA highly flexible and programmable single-chip magnetic encoder IC from iC-Haus provides a fast step response for motor control applications.

Combined with a diametrically magnetized permanent magnet, this compact IC can be used to create a robust, universal encoder for integrated motors by providing commutation and multiple positioning interfaces.

The single-chip iC-MH8 encoder IC includes a Hall sensor array with signal amplification control, incremental (ABZ) outputs, absolute position via the open standard SSI/BiSS-interface, BLDC motor commutation (UVW) outputs, differential sine/cosine outputs (1 Vpp to 100 Ω), and integrated RS422 line driver outputs.

Typically applications include industrial, medical and automotive motor control encoder applications requiring:

  • Fast position control with safety requirements
  • Speed control of up to 120,000 rpm at 12-bit resolution
  • Universal absolute encoders with Sine/Cosine and SSI/BiSS options
  • Incremental rotary encoder with UVW motor commutation
  • Substitutes for resolvers or optical absolute encoders

Given the high integration of the iC-MH8, which includes a wide choice of interface options, this provides the flexibility to reduce development time and bill of material costs for an integrated motor encoder. Further cost reductions can also be achieved by reducing the motor interface to just one connector and cable by eliminating the three discrete Hall sensors in the windings.

The iC-MH8 single-chip motor encoder helps realize the emerging trend toward smaller and more energy efficient BLDC motor based applications in the industry.

Further information is available here.