Magnetic System Optimizes Flow Concentration

Permanently magnetic couplings are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers as sealing elements in their pumps, filter systems and agitators. Especially when critical media such as acids and alkaline solutions are involved it is indispensable that the driving and the driven sides are strictly separated. The non-contact and thus leakage-proof magnetic transfer of power consequently offers a wide range of advantages in comparison to standard shaft seals.

Only recently one of its customers from the filtration industry asked the Ringfeder team to develop a magnetic system to optimize the flow concentration. In the past he had used a magnetic system with an expensive adapter flange to connect the different pitch circles of pump and containment shell. Ringfeder Power Transmission came up with a solution, which does away with the adapter because thanks to the improved flow concentration the diameter could be reduced by approximately 25 per cent. This fact allows for a direct connection, too.

In comparison to standard synchronous couplings, the maximum torque could be increased for more than 50 percent with the new magnetic system without changing the frame size. At the same time the amount of magnetic material was reduced by 30 percent, which diminishes the mass moment of inertia. Furthermore, customers can choose to have the interior and the exterior rotor made of aluminium or plastic instead of stainless steel to reduce costs. The innovative system has stood the test as a custom-made special solution. Obviously it is only a question of time until it will be used successfully in many other fields of application, too.

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