Merger of SEPAC and Placid Industries Joins Manufacturers of Magnetic Brakes, Clutches and Motion Control Products

SEPAC, a manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, and Placid Industries, a manufacturer of magnetic particle brakes and clutches, hysteresis brakes and controls, have completed the integration of their businesses after a recent merger. Now the two operations are consolidated at SEPAC’s headquarters in Elmira, NY, and providing an expanded range of electromagnetic products. 

“We are enormously excited to scale our business with the iconic Placid Industries brand,” said John Meier, president of SEPAC. “Our strategic acquisition and integration build out our product line across the full range of the clutch and brake spectrum.” Together, the two companies can now offer OEMs a wider range of motion control solutions and application expertise, he said. 

“Placid brings more than 50 years of strong technical product performance and applications expertise with a diversified, global customer base on a recurring revenue business model built on rapid deliveries and responsive customer service,” said Lonnie Reid, Placid Industries. “We look forward to leveraging SEPAC’s robust engineering resources and market footprint to grow our respective franchises together as one leader in motion control,” said Reid after the merger, which took place in 2018. 

Magnetic particle clutches by Placid Industries 

Placid’s products are often used in tension control applications where unwinding and rewinding is required or in applications where torque needs to be controlled independent of RPM. Placid also has the capability to package entire systems which may include a brake or clutch, power supply and potentiometers or ultrasonic sensors for live feedback. 

SEPAC power-off brakes for winch and hoist systems 

A recent product introduction by SEPAC is its line of power-off brakes for winch and hoist systems in aircraft. The company currently offers three brake designs for different winch and hoist applications including helicopter rescue and cargo hoists, and cargo winches for cargo planes. 

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