Coil Partners expanding in Turkey with Sarcam Wire and Fenixta Machines

Coil Partners continues to expand its coil production enterprise in Turkey as part of an integrated supply chain for the manufacture of coils, magnet wire and coil winding machinery. The group counts more than 300 employees and keeps growing steadily. Pictured above is the Fenixta team, now an equipment manufacturing and service part of Coil Partners.

From its base in Istanbul, the company makes a wide range of coil products — from small DC coils up to 100 MW Roebel bar windings used in high power turbo generators, and now has an equipment manufacturing side to its business. The company’s ambitious goal is to become the fastest and most flexible manufacturer and supplier of coils worldwide. 

Coil Partners executives: Johan De Coster, Kamil Tekin and Jan Coene 

One key to its strategy is its close affiliation with insulated wire manufacturer Sarcam, positioning the group to manufacture many types of coils with fast turnaround. Sarcam, a subsidiary of Coil Partners whose modern manufacturing facility is located close to Istanbul, provides a very fast and flexible delivery of copper wires into the enterprise. These are processed by Coil Partners into high quality, technical coils tailored to the needs of its customers. 

Sarcam exhibit at CWIEME Berlin 2019 

More recently a third company, Fenixta, has been introduced to provide a unique added value to Coil Partners. This came in late 2018 when Kanallar and Coil Partners established Fenixta as a joint-venture partnership.

Loop machine by Fenixta for AC motor winding and transformer winding 

Fenixta offers its customers a comprehensive package, providing all products and services a company needs to keep its machine pool and engineering installations up to date.

Fenixta develops and manufactures jigs for producing coils, production equipment such as spreaders, taping machines, presses and winders. It also has a dedicated field service team that helps clients on site worldwide. 

Fuat Kanal, technical manager for Fenixta 

Fuat Kanal, who founded Kanalar in 2009 as a service company for electrical motors based in Balikesir, now serves as technical manager for Fenixta. Managed with his two sons, Tunc and Cagdas, they have since transformed the company into an equipment manufacturing business. 

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