MDT Will Present TMR Geartooth Encoders at XMR-Symposium

MultiDimension (MDT-Dowaytech) will be showcasing its TMR magnetic geartooth encoders at the XMR-Symposium in Wetzlar, Germany on March 8th-9th. 

The GE-T and GE-A series of geartooth encoders are specifically designed for off-axis rotary encoder applications in a variety of industrial applications, including electrical spindle drives, CNC machines, railway and elevator equipment. They support a wide range of gear configurations and offer high accuracy, fast frequency response, IP68 protection grade, large tolerance for installation position and air-gap, and self-calibration capabilities. 

The GE-T series features digital A/B/Z incremental TTL outputs, supporting a factory-programmed interpolation rate of up to 256X. The GE-A series outputs high-precision 1Vpp analog sine/cosine waveforms with a small angular error below 30 arc-seconds. 

Join MDT at the XMR-Symposium, or reach out to for sales and technical inquiries. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these innovative and high-precision encoders in action!