May/June 2021 + Annual Resource Guide

Major Automakers Transform Their Design & Manufacturing Operations for EV Surge – Part 1 of 2
Amidst surging commitments to electric vehicle production, the world’s leading automakers are embarked on a stunning transformation of their design and manufacturing operations. Around the globe, the trend is destined to bring tons of magnets and electrical manufacturing infrastructure to factory floors while heightening attention to magnetic technology at automotive design centers.

Top-Tier Automotive Suppliers Transform to Become Fully Integrated e-Powertrain Manufacturers, Part 2 of 2
With electrification rocking the automotive industry, magnets and motors are increasingly on the minds of design engineers and supply chain managers at many of the world’s top tier automotive suppliers as they transform to become providers of fully integrated e-powertrains. This article highlights the paths of several such as Deutz and Magna, along with longtime e-axle leader GKN Automotive.

GE Seeks to Power Canadian Icebreaker Fleet with SEAJET Electric Propulsion Pods
Davie, Canada’s premier builder of Polar and ice-capable ships, has named GE as a strategic partner in its Polar Icebreaker program. As strategic partner, GE brings a core competence in electrical propulsion technology for polar class vessels.

Perseverance Lands on Mars with maxon Precision Motors Aboard
NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars just a few days ago. Was there once life on Mars? This is the question that one of the most complex robotic systems ever built by humankind has set out to answer. Several electric drives and permanent magnet motors from maxon of Switzerland are onboard to handle soil samples and to control the first Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, shown in foreground.

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