May/June 2019

Hitachi Metals Equips Innovation Center for 3D Printing of Large Metal Parts
Hitachi Metals, a major manufacturer of magnetic alloys and related products, has equipped its innovation center in Japan with an advanced electron beam additive manufacturing system capable of producing large metal parts by three-dimensional printing.

Tech Tips: Adhesive Fundamentals for Common Magnet Bonding ApplicationsThere are many magnet types varying in cost, corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance and field strength. These properties result from different shapes and constituents with common types of magnets including neodymium, samarium cobalt and ferrite/ceramic magnets.

Future of Electric Propulsion for Aerospace Subject of In-Depth Workshop at Upcoming SpaceTech Expo
Electric propulsion, which often relies on advanced Hall Effect thrusters (HET), may have been around for more than 50 years, but it still has huge potential. It is being integrated in many cubesats and will also play a big role in the area of sattelite servicing of crewed missions to the Moon including the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway and exploration missions that go deep into, or even beyond, our solar system.

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