Marktec Builds Full Line of Magnetic Testing Fluids & Equipment for NDT

Users of magnetic particle testing value trouble-free preparations and eco-friendly solutions these days. In response, Marktec of Japan brings to the market an array of magnetic particle fluids designed and packaged to serve a wide range of applications in non-destructive testing. An integrated specialist for the NDT market, the company also manufactures an extensive line of eddy current and magnetic particle testing equipment. 

Troublesome preparation of magnetic particle solution is not necessary, says the Tokyo-based company, which makes both fluorescent and non-fluorescent fluids. Shown at top is its Eco-Magna LY concentrate and, below, its LY-10 SuperMagna fluid which is prepared for general products including large products to be tested outdoors such as large-size cast products and welded structures. The highly sensitive fluorescent magnetic particles ensure clear indication of flaws.  

Super Magna LY-10 

Marktec optimizes the density of the formulation in advance, packaging the solution in airtight containers so the density will not change. Sizes of the magnetic particles range to from 10 to 15 micron. Its LY-20F concentrate has particle sizes in the range of 12 to 20 micron. 

As demands have increased for eco-friendly alternatives, the company has developed its series of Eco-Magna LY-Concentrate products which meet for SAE/AMS standards (Aerospace Materials Division of SAE International). By adding water to the concentrate, the end user can easily prepare the magnetic particle solution. 

Equipment for magnetic particle and eddy current testing make up another important segment of the company’s portfolio and its expertise in magnetic technologies. Its Line-Magna system is designed for in-line continuous magnetic particle inspection of carbon steel, Low alloy steel and special steel materials, detecting both longitudinal and transverse flaws. It provides combined magnetization with both yoke coils and ring coil, using fluorescent magnetic particle suspension. A larger Super-Line Magna is a fully automated, in-line continuous inspection system with an operator control room separate from the inspection area. For more info, see