Magnetic Rings Let Users Stick Bluetooth Speaker to Any Surface

Clever product design using adhesive magnetic rings, even though separate from core functionality, can empower breakthrough usability and acceptance. A good example is the Liddle Speaker from D3 Products, a company that thrives on designing innovative space-saving products that disrupt the market. It launched the product at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. 

It is the world’s first magnetic Bluetooth portable speaker that can be attached to any surface, not just metal, and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, says the company. “What we are bringing to the market will turn the tables on portable speakers and we are so excited for people to see and experience the Liddle Speaker,” said inventor Dan Cass. 

Adhesive metal rings allow attachment to any surface 

While many magnetically attachable Bluetooth speakers come with a built-in magnetic mount so that users can stick them to a metal surface, the D3 speaker raises the bar a little higher in this category. With its adhesive metal rings, it can stick to virtually any surface – metals but also to other surfaces such as laptops, smart phones and even wood. 

A recent start-up and an award-winner at CES 2020 for its innovative product development, D3 is located in St. Clair, Michigan near Detroit. See