Magnetic Reed Switch Enables ETI Snow Melt System 

By designing a versatile reed switch into their controls, maker of snow and ice management products ETI has developed an innovative system for automatic snow melting. Along with the company’s aerial sensor, the Snow Switch LCD-8 with its configurable magnetic switch can make automatic snow melting cost-effective and easy to control in even the smallest applications. 

Heaters operate at temperatures below the set-point, 38°F (3.3°C) default, only when required. The adjustable hold-on period, 3 hours default, continues heater operation after snow stops to ensure complete melting. The controller includes an internal magnetic reed switch used for manual heater cycling, as well as configuring the temperature set point and the hold-on time. It controls heater loads up to 16 amps resistive or 3 amps inductive. The internal magnetic reed switch allows for both configuration and manual heater operation without the need for external switches. 

Based in South Bend, Indiana, ETI (Environmental Technology, Inc.) makes a range of devices and products for managing snow and ice including sensors, controllers, dehydrators and heat trace controllers. See