Danfoss Turbocor Celebrates Milestone & Global Growth as Its Magnetic Bearing Compressors Go Mainstream 

Danfoss global executive team and Turbocor leaders sign magnetic bearing compressor to celebrate anniversary 

Danfoss Turbocor, manufacturer and pioneer of the world’s first oil-free, magnetic bearing compressor for the HVAC industry, is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a wholly owned Danfoss company. The milestone marks dramatic growth for the company as it builds more manufacturing and research capabilities via expansions around the world as more OEMs embrace their compressors’ energy efficiency and performance. 

From the beginning, we knew this technology was transformative; the cutting-edge technology combined with our strong manufacturing and sales network enabled us to provide our customers with solutions to improve operating performance and reach unprecedented energy efficiency levels,” said Ricardo Schneider, president of Danfoss Turbocor. Initially founded in 1994 and later becoming a joint venture with Danfoss in 2004, its Turbocor compressors have delivered versatile and unmatched efficiency, with low-global warming potential compatibility, helping to reduce emissions while earning strong return on investment for customers. 

Expanding oil-free, magnetic bearing technology to higher capacities and rising market penetration globally 

The unique oil-free, magnetic bearing technology of Turbocor compressors results in zero performance degradation over the life of the compressor, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. The permanent magnet motors and variable-speed drives provide efficiency at both full and part loads. Their flexibility to be used in air cooled, water cooled or evaporative cooled chillers operating across a wide range of applications such as comfort cooling, low temperature process, ice storage and heat recovery, has resulted in over 130,000 compressors being installed around the world. 

Globally, Danfoss Turbocor is continuing to grow its footprint, with an expanded facility in Haiyan, China opening next year, and the establishment of a configuration center in Nordborg, Denmark, at Danfoss’ corporate headquarters. The Nordborg site currently handles sales and service for Turbocor’s European customers; a new production facility is scheduled for completion in 2026. Its new 167,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Tallahassee, Florida is scheduled for completion in early 2024, tripling plant capacity and enabling conversion of the existing plant to a new R&D center, as reported earlier in Magnetics Magazine

At its headquarters in Tallahassee, Turbocor continues to build collaborations with local institutions. In 2021, the company began a five-year partnership with FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, providing $750,000 of scholarships and research grants to first-generation or underrepresented minority students, to develop engineering talent in the local community and help students achieve their career goals. The company has also partnered with Tallahassee Community College on workforce development programs, such as its CNC machinist apprenticeship. For more info, see www.danfoss.com