Magnet Applications, Inc. Expands Online Tech Center and Launched Calculator Apps

Magnet Applications, Inc., a provider of compression bonded magnets, injection molded magnets and magnetic assemblies to the automotive, medical, defense and aerospace industries, has expanded online Tech Center and new downloadable calculator apps for Apple iPhone and Android devices.

In the Tech Center, available at, customers have access to Magnet Applications Articles & Presentations on topics such as What’s New In Materials, How To Select The Optimal Permanent Magnet and Status of Bonded Magnets; Exclusive Tech Briefs including The Application of Permanent Magnets in Magnetic Sensors; an in-depth magnetic glossary and all-new Magnetic Calculators to calculate field strength, unit conversions and holding force for disc, ring and block magnets.

“Our website was designed to provide the ultimate customer experience with detailed capabilities, content, technical information, product information and images, and easy functionality throughout,” describes Don Lindstrom, General Manager, Magnet Applications, Inc. “For the engineer researching magnet or magnetic assembly design and manufacturing, we also want to be their one-stop source for information to assist them in their product development. Our new calculators and growing technical content helps develop this partnership,” Lindstrom added.

In addition, the company launched new downloadable calculator apps for Apple and Android devices. The apps can be used without internet connection and provide expert calculations from any smartphone or device.

“The product development process is increasingly demanding,” said Lindstrom. “Today, we turn to mobile devices and technology to help us design, do business and more. This app will be a helpful tool for designers, engineers and our sales team alike that need information on the go.”

The free app, currently available for iPhone and Android devices, can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.