Magnet Applications Celebrates 50 Years

Magnet Applications, a subsidiary of Bunting Magnetics Co., is celebrating 50 years of providing magnets, magnet assemblies, and magnet technology to manufacturers and research laboratories around the world. Magnet Applications Ltd, a private company, was founded in the United Kingdom in 1964 to distribute Arelec magnetic catches. In 1992, a wholly owned subsidiary, Magnet Applications, Inc., was opened to distribute and manufacture products in North America. In its first 50 years, Magnet Applications has become known for manufacturing magnets and magnet assemblies, supplying machined components and rapid prototypes, and building magnetizing fixtures. Today, the Magnet Applications range of permanent magnet materials includes alnico, ferrite, samarium cobalt, and the many forms of neodymium iron boron magnets. Production processes available include sintering, casting, extrusion, calendaring, compression bonding, and injection molding.

Magnet Applications Vice-President of Sales Mike Miller, who has been with the company in the US since its inauguration in 1992, said, “Through the years, Magnet Applications has pioneered the application of magnet technology to a broad spectrum of industries. For motor and generator manufacturers, we assemble hubs, rotors, and back plates, doing final grinding and balancing for various motor designs. We are the premier supplier of bonded magnets to the brushless DC motor market. Magnet Applications also provides high temperature samarium cobalt magnet assemblies to the oil and gas industry, as well as a wide variety of magnetic assemblies to the automobile and medical industries. Our engineers are known around the world for their magnet expertise.”

Magnet Applications is a leader in total magnetic solutions, and has magnet manufacturing plants in DuBois, Pennsylvania, and in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom. Bunting Magnetics Co. is a US-based global manufacturer of magnetic assemblies and equipment. The Bunting product line serves worldwide markets with a broad range of magnetic materials and components, magnetic separation systems, material handling equipment, magnetic printing cylinders, and metal detection equipment.

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