Low-Cost General Purpose TMR Linear Magnetic Sensor by MDT 

MultiDimension Technology’s (MDT) new TMR2083 linear magnetic sensor provides the technical benefits of tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) technology at a low cost of under 10 cents per piece. Its large dynamic range, low power consumption, and exceptional thermal stability make it an ideal choice for various industrial and consumer applications, including current and position sensing. 

With a supply current of only 100 μA, the TMR2083 achieves 0.2% non-linearity across ±500 Gs linear dynamic range. Its unique Wheatstone bridge design produces a differential voltage output with outstanding temperature stability, making the TMR2083 suitable for power and precision-demanding applications in harsh conditions. 

Visit the upcoming SENSOR+TEST event in Nuremberg, Germany, or Sensors Converge in San Jose, California to learn more about the TMR2083 and other top-of-the-line sensors. Contact sales@dowayusa.com for sales and technical inquiries, or order samples online today.