JVL of Denmark Adds to Line of Integrated Servo Stepper Motors

JVL A/S, a producer of integrated servo and permanent-magnet stepper motors based in Denmark, has developed a new model that incorporates advanced design and manufacturing techniques in order to pack 1200 watts of power into an extremely compact package. 

The new MAC1200, shown in second photo, has a torque of 3.8 Nm RMS and 11.4 Nm peak at 3000 RPM, thus providing 1200 W continuous power, but still with the same 84×84 mm flange and a length of only 204 mm as its well-established smaller sibling, the MAC800, shown at top. This has only been possible through the design of an extremely compact motor and the development of electronics and mechanics that utilize the latest technologies and manufacturing methods, said the company. 

Powering the motor is easy since it only requires connection of the main voltage of 1×230 VAC directly at the motor. Control voltage for the encoder and microprocessor circuitry is 24 VDC. In an emergency-stop situation, where an approved relay has cut-off the main power, encoder position and other values are maintained by this control voltage. Alternatively, there is an absolute multiturn encoder instead, which does not need supply or even a backup-battery. Its graphical programming environment is designed with industrial end-users in mind. No matter the number of input-output points in the actual motor, each can be used in the program and easily set. 

The MAC motor is designed as a complete motion solution brushless servo motor with integrated controller, providing all necessary components in one unit. The basic idea of the MAC motor is to minimize installation costs but also to make a component that is much better protected against electrical noise which can be a problem when using long cables between controller and motor.  

The servomotor, hall sensor, encoder and electronics are specially developed by JVL so that they together form an enclosed unit where the power driver and controller are mounted inside the motor in a closed section. 

JVL headquarters 

JVL A/S is managed by the two founders, Bo Valeur Jessen, who serves as technical director, and Mads Vernon Jorgensen, the managing director. Founded in 1986, the company is situated in 3000 square meter premises in the town of Birkerod, north of Copenhagen. Its customers are mainly machine builders, either independent companies or the process machinery departments of larger concerns. Others are in the education sector and research laboratories.

See www.jvl.dk