June 2014

  • Surprisingly Strong Magnetic Fields Challenge Black Holes’ Pull
  • Magnetic Cooling Enables Efficient, “Green” Refrigeration
  • NIST Chip Produces and Detects Specialized Gas for Biomedical Analysis
  • Compact SX41 Series SMT Planar Transformers Handle Up To 2kW of Power
  • Innovation in Magnetic Field Instrumentation
  • World’s Highest Field 21 Tesla Magnet for FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Installed at NHMFL
  • TI Expands Sensing Portfolio with Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
  • New Magnetic Materials Set to Attract Electrical Industry
  • TMR Awarded DOD Project for US RE Supply Chain Evaluation
  • Permanent Magnets: Technologies and Global Markets
  • Nanomagnetics: Materials, Devices and Markets

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