ITG Electronics Introduces Enhanced Dataline and EMI Filters for Shielded MRI Rooms

ITG Electronics, a manufacturer of inductors and transformers, has introduced a new series of Data Line and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters that provide broader, faster data transmission for shielded MRI rooms. The company’s CAT6a Dataline and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) EMI Filters also exhibit lower DC resistance compared with previous iterations, and reduce power loss during energy transmission.

ITG Electronics is a leader in EMI Filter solutions for shielded MRI room constructions. Its previous innovations include CAT5, low-voltage dataline and UL listed power line EMI filters. The company also provides EMI filters for a variety of other applications, including digital fire alarms and special LED lighting setups used in MRI and other shielded rooms. Many of these versions are available and in stock at ITG Electronics’ Elmsford, NY facility.

In this latest product, a CAT6a grade filter enables high noise attenuation through a dual-stage filter. This reduces noise by 50dB from 30MHz to 70MHz; 100dB from 100MHz to 1GHz; and 120dB from 1GHz to 10GHz. The result is a quiet, clean signal in an environment where sensitive equipment must provide exacting, interference-free measurements.

The new EMI filter series’ convenient RJ45 male plugs allow direct, standardized connection to switches, routers, computers or other devices. The filters can be used in a wide array of applications given the near-universal adoption of the RJ45 plug for data transmission.


Founded in 1963, ITG Electronics is a leading electrical and mechanical components supplier headquartered in Elmsford, NY. With a highly experienced engineering team, ITG designs and manufactures high performance magnetic components, modules and EMI filters for a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, automotive, cloud computing, telecommunication, industrial and renewable energy.

ITG factories are IATF/TS16949, ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, QC0800000, ISO14064 Certified. For more information, visit or email