Nanocrystalline Chokes and New Inductors Introduced by ITG Electronics

Nanocrystalline chokes that deliver higher power ratings in a small size, and surface mount power inductors with compact footprints, are among new products that ITG Electronics has developed for power electronics designers recently. 

The company now offers a range of nanocrystalline common mode chokes with its DCN series, C20530 series, C20540 series, C30530 series and C30540 series, pictured in the top two photos. Nanocrystalline material gets its name from its production process, explains Martin Kuo, director of future for ITG. A stream of molten metal is rapidly cooled and locks in the amorphous high energy structure. The resulting material consists of crystals with a grain size on the nanoscale of 10-100nm.

AH3740 inductor from ITG 

ITG has also introduced its AH3740 series of surface mount (SMD) power bead inductors that are designed and manufactured specifically for high current, multiple phase buck converter applications. Inductance of the series inductance ranges from 60nH to 330nH, with a max current rating of 155 Amp. With a low DCR of 0.145m Ohm, it is designed to optimize and balance the AC and DCR for any MHz switching frequency power conversion. Its compact design comes in a 9.60×6.40mm footprint with a 10mm max height. The attributes make the new product series ideal for VR13HC applications. 

30% reduced footprint 

Another recent development by ITG is the SQ4126 Series of SMD power inductors which deliver lower power loss with a 30% reduced footprint from the conventional 11.5×10.3mm footprint of typical iron powder based SMD Inductors.  The series has an inductance range from 0.42uH to 10uH, at a maximum current rating of 45 Amp. Ferrite based inductors offer the dual advantage of lower core loss at higher switching frequencies, notes the company, and these inductors feature a particularly compact design with a footprint of 8.10×10.30mm and 6.56mm maximum height. 

Headquartered in Elmsford, NY, ITG specializes in wire-wound power magnetic component design, product development and manufacturing. In business since 1963, it supplies magnetic components to electronics OEMs worldwide and in 2016 introduced its EMI filter products to the USA market.

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