ITG Electronics Expands Portfolio of Trans-Inductor Voltage Regulators  

ITG Electronics, a manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has introduced a new line of Trans-inductor Voltage Regulators (TLVRs). The solutions include the company’s AHA series of TLVT coupling inductors, as well as its L10142 Series and SLA2843B series compensation inductor in the LC circuit of TLVR application.

ITG Electronics’ AHA series of coupling inductors offers a broad range of options. For example, the AHA3740A is a ferrite-based TLVR inductor with low core loss and an inductance range of 70-150nH, with customized values possible. The product offers high current output chokes up to 125 amperes with approximately 20% roll off. The compact component has a maximum height of just 10mm, and measures only 9.6 x 6.4mm. Narrowed body version TLVR inductor such as AHA40475A and AHA47475A Series are developed for future 4x6mm powerstages application.

ITG Electronics’ selection of compensated inductor for TLVR is equally diverse. For instance, the SLA2843B is a ferrite-based SMD inductor with low core loss ideal for LC power rails in TLVR circuit designs. The component’s inductance range is 60nH-420nH, with customization possible. Offering high current output chokes up to 165 amperes with approximately 20% roll off, the SLA2843B has a maximum height of 11mm and measures just 7 x 6.7mm foot print.

With more data centers employing powerful application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that consume significant amounts of rapidly fluctuating current, conventional multi-phase voltage regulators may approach their performance limits. To overcome this challenge, TLVRs employ phases with output inductors amounting to the secondary winding of a transformer, whose primary windings are connected in a series loop.

These phases are driven by interleaved pulse-width modulated (PWM) waveforms. Should a transient occur, the duty cycle of the PWM waveform of a phase adjusts so that all phases respond with a changed current. The result is an extremely rapid transient response that matches load demands for amperage and bandwidth.

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