Exxelia Makes Another Acquisition, Adding Micropen’s Printed Electronics Expertise & Ohmcraft Products

Exxelia, a Paris-based manufacturer of magnetic components including transformers and inductors as well as electrical motors and electromagnets, now also has printed electronics in its expertise and a fourth manufacturing site in the USA as a result of its recent acquisition of Micropen.

Established in 1982 in Honeoye Falls, NY, Micropen Technologies has developed a unique process to print critical functional materials such as conductive electrodes, precious metals, on various planar or 3D substrates such as ceramic and plastic. The patented system is the core technology underlying its Ohmcraft line of resistors for medical, defense, aerospace and industrial markets, as well as a portfolio of innovative sensors for medical and defense markets.

Pauil Maisonnier, CEO of Exxelia

“We are very excited to welcome Micropen’s talented, engaged and committed team, and very proud to add Micropen’s unique technology under our already extensive portfolio of highly-engineered passive components and sensors. Thanks to this unrivaled process, Exxelia gains a foothold in the high-rel resistors world and enhances its ability to serve as a key product solution provider to customers with mission-critical applications”, said Paul Maisonnier, CEO of Exxelia. “Micropen is delighted to now be a part of Exxelia’s growth and expanded product offerings. The commonalities between our two companies in culture, engineering, technology and manufacturing excellence are outstanding and we are excited by the global reach that Exxelia offers to our Ohmcraft resistors and Micropen printing capabilities,” said Ed Petrazzolo, president & CEO of Micropen.

Exxelia, which began in 2009 through the merger of five companies and since has grown further with a string of additional mergers and acquisitions, acquired Micropen in December. Dearborn Electronics was acquired in 2011; in 2012 in acquired Temex Ceramics and opened Exxelia Vietnam; in 2015 in acquired RAF Tabtronics and N’Ergy; and in 2016 it acquired DeYoung Inc. Exxelia now has 13 manufacturing sites around the world and more than 1,900 employees.

Examples of Exxelia components

It specializes in manufacturing complex passive components and precision subsystems focusing on highly demanding end-markets, applications and functions. The product portfolio includes wide ranges of capacitors, filters, position sensors, slip rings, wound magnetic components and high-precision mechanical parts. Products are commonly used for power electronics, power generation, energy storage, and signal filtering functions in numerous leading industrial areas such as aviation, defense, space, medical, railway, oil and gas, and telecommunications. For more info, see www.exxelia.com.