High Force Voice Coil Actuator Available in a Compact Package

Nov12_BEIBEI Kimco Magnetics has expanded its ‘smart’ Voice Coil Actuator product line with the Model LAS43-120-000A Housed Voice Coil Actuator (VCA). Engineered as an all inclusive package, the VCA features one of the highest combinations of stroke length (1.25 inches) and peak force (340 pounds) available on the market today. This functionality is packed into a compact, housed assembly that measures 4.3 inches in diameter and 12 inches in length.

The LAS43-120-000A incorporates an integrated position feedback sensor with analog output well suited for servo positioning or velocity control applications. Integrated shaft and bushings eliminate the need for an outside supporting mechanism to provide concentricity between the stationary and moving parts. This simplifies the amount of engineering and time required to incorporate this part into higher level assemblies.

“BEI Kimco’s newest smart actuator is an expansion to the first and second generation VCA product lines,” said Jim McNamara, BEI Kimco Senior Applications Engineer. “With its integrated capabilities, it not only brings total convenience to the customer, but provides improved stroke and force capabilities.”

The LAS43-120-000A is well suited for applications where high speed, high reliability and extreme accuracy are required.

For further information visit www.beikimco.com.