Gold Bottle from Mesa Labs Magnetically Verifies the Torque for Sterilization 

Sterilization monitoring is a critical compliance requirement for many life science laboratories, beverage packagers and industrial operations that deal with twist-on caps. But how can you verify that your analysis equipment is actually detecting the sealing performance at the precise level intended? You can use the Gold Bottle from Mesa Labs that magnetically verifies the operational repeatability of your torque analyzer. 

It is constructed with high energy permanent magnets and can be pre-set at the factory to a customer specified torque value. Each Gold Bottle is labeled with its exact torque rating, serial number and repeats to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 inch-pounds.  

Since the cap torque of the bottle is the torque produced by the permanent magnets, the value will always be the same unless something has changed within the torque analyzer itself. The user is thus able to quickly check their analyzer without having to go through the calibration procedure.  

The Gold Bottle is fitted with a specifically identified customer closure to match the customer’s chuck.  

Based in Lakewood, Colorado, Mesa Labs provides an array of products for sterilization monitoring and environmental control used in life science and industrial operatons including a range of torque monitors such as the Torqo II shown at top. 

The SureTorque features a servo drive control, infinite chuck rotation, quick-change tooling, a color touchscreen interface, and fast cycle times for industrial applications such as testing closure torque at carbonated soda drink, juice, bleach bottling operations as well as cleanroom environments. 
Manual cap torque analyzers are designed for smaller lab and production applications. For more info, see