eNL May 2019

Carpenter Technology Raises Prices on Premium Product Portfolio
Carpenter Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of soft magnetic alloys, has raised its base prices in the range of 5-10% on new non-contract orders across all premium products.
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Gowanda Expands Capabilities with Addition of REM-tronics
Gowanda Components Group recently announced the merging of REM-tronics, Inc. with the GCG family. REM-tronics is a contract manufacturer of high-reliability products for the aerospace, industrial, medical and military industries. They are based in Dunkirk, NY.
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Simulation On-The-Go with COMSOL Client for Android
COMSOL has announced that COMSOL Client for Android is now available. Researchers, engineers, and students are now able to perform simulation tasks from their Android devices, such as phones, tablets, and Chromebooks simply by connecting to the COMSOL Server software which runs the computations remotely.
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