eNL July 2021

BMW Spending €790 Million to Expand E-Drive Production Operations
As BMW Group continues to increase production capacity for its new electric motors and integrated drive systems at its Competence Centre for E-Drive Production at Dingolfing northeast of Munich, it is also ramping up capacity for e-drive production at additional locations. The company recently released more details about its massive electromobility buildup, much of which is centered around its in-house designed and manufactured highly integrated motor and powertrain. Read More

Striving to Be the Next Globally Significant Supplier of Neodymium and Praseodymium (NdPr) to Meet the Needs of EV Driven NdFeB Magnet Demand Growth
By 2030 annual production of EVs is expected to increase roughly ten-fold to 25-30 million, creating a need to more than double global supply of the rare earth elements, neodymium and praseodymium (NdPr), to meet the EV traction motor market requirement. Read More

Schaeffler Expands e-Powertrain Manufacturing with Volume Orders
With volume orders for its electric motors and hybrid modules, automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler is expanding its range of powertrain electrification solutions for commercial vehicles. The moves come in step with its objective to be a complete manufacturer of EV traction power systems. Read More

New Study on Global Permanent Magnet Industry
The team of Walt Benecki, Steve Constantinides, Dr. John Ormerod and Dr. Stan Trout have been writing a comprehensive study regarding the major commercial permanent magnet materials. Read More