New Study on Global Permanent Magnet Industry

The team of Walt Benecki, Steve Constantinides, Dr. John Ormerod and Dr. Stan Trout have been writing a comprehensive study regarding the major commercial permanent magnet materials. Data includes quantities produced along with technical aspects of the global permanent magnet industry and production forecasts for the next 10 years. 

Topics covered in the 300-plus page report include commercial processes for manufacturing various types of permanent magnets, protective coatings for NdFeB permanent magnets, current and future applications and technologies, as well as permanent magnet production statistics and forecast for 2020-2030.  Market segments and magnet demand growth are also covered. Other topics include raw material trends affecting the magnet industry and iInitiatives to establish supply chain independence. Other sections cover leading magnet producers, fabricators, distributors and service providers.

Release date is expected to be this month. The book is priced at $9,000, discounted to $7,200 for certain groups. For more details and info, contact the authors by email at