eNL July 2021 2

Neo Performance Materials and Energy Fuels Begin Shipments to Launch US-to-Europe Rare Earth Supply Chain
Marking an important step in the creation of a new United States-to-Europe rare earth supply chain, the first container of mixed rare earth carbonate produced by Energy Fuels at its White Mesa Mill in Utah is en route to Neo Performance Material’s rare earth separations facility in Estonia. Additional shipments of the carbonate are expected to follow as Energy Fuels continues to process more of the natural monazite sand ore for both the rare earth elements and naturally occurring uranium that it contains.  Read More

Game Changer: Physicists Cheer Major Muon Result
Muons keep on misbehaving. An experiment in the United States has confirmed an earlier finding that the particles — massive, unstable cousins of the electron — are more magnetic than researchers originally expected. If the results hold up, they could ultimately force major changes in theoretical physics and reveal the existence of completely new fundamental particles. Read More

Carpenter Extends Expertise in Soft Magnetic Rotor & Stator Stacks; Joins FEMM Hub in UK
Carpenter Technology, producer of an extensive portfolio of soft magnetic alloys, is continuing to build its expertise in the mass production of stator and rotor stacks, while also fostering future innovation in electrification manufacturing. 
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Soft Magnetic Material Market to Grow to $34 Billion
The soft magnetic materials market is expected to grow 4.2% annually to $34.6 billion in 2026 from $25.9 billion in 2019, according to a new market report. The transformers segment of the market has particularly strong potential, note the researchers. They predict that overall market growth will be greatest in Asia but North America will continue to be dominant in market size. 
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