eNL December 2019

Bunting Joins Rare Earth Magnets Recycling Task Force
The launch of the European Union (EU)-funded SUSMAGPRO project took place in Germany in June 2019.  The four-year project focuses on the sustainable recovery, re-processing, and reuse of rare-earth magnets.  With global expertise on magnets and magnetic assemblies, Bunting is one of several project partners.
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Gowanda Expands Passives Business with Acquisition of RCD Components
Gowanda Components Group has acquired RCD Components, headquartered in Manchester, NH, a manufacturer of passive components including resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines for the commercial, military and aerospace industries. This is the ninth acquisition within the last seven years for GCG which is based in Gowanda, NY. 
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Aumann’s Coil Winding Machinery Business Softens in 2019 after Record Growth in 2018 but E-Mobility Segment Increases
Aumann AG, the German manufacturer of coil winding machinery and automation equipment, reports that nine months into its fiscal year business has fallen about 5% compared to the same period a year ago but the order books are still growing in its e-mobility segment. This follows an exceptional year in 2018 that was boosted by a whopping 72% revenue growth in its business in the e-mobility market and solid growth in Asia. 
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