Energy Extraction from Permanent Magnets

The Andrew Abolafia Company, a business in Granville, NY, has patented a device (patent number 7,983,726 B2), the Static Field Converter (SFC), that extracts energy stored in permanent magnets. Permanent magnets, long a curiosity in physics, are considered to contain only the amount of energy that it takes to magnetize them.

The extraction of more energy than it takes to magnetize a permanent magnet could be considered a violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy — one of the pillars of physics.

The most convincing evidence that the Law of Conservation of Energy is not being violated is empirical evidence. A prototype that the company built works as designed. It can’t violate the Law of Conservation of Energy or it wouldn’t work. Sub-atomic physics might contain the answer to the SFC phenomenon.

We are compelled to endanger our health and our environment because of our dependence on fossil fuels. The SFC demonstrates the type of approach and innovative thinking that we desperately need to make the energy crisis obsolete.

Below is a link to a news feature on WNYT Albany that demonstrates the SFC. Two references are cited for peer review.

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