June 2011

  • Vacuumschmelze Supports Satellite Project
  • New Environmentally Sound Aluminum Sensor & Actuator Pair MK27/M27
  • Crouzet’s New 150 Watt Brushless DC Motor Features High Speed and Torque Capabilities
  • Avago Technologies Introduces Multi-Channel, High-Speed Digital Isolator Family with Industry-Leading High-Voltage Insulation
  • Eco-Friendly Eco-Mag Cuts Filtration Costs, Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Richardson RFPD Selected as Sole Distributor for ATC Ultra-Broadband Inductors
  • Electromagnetic Simulator Accelerates the Design Optimization of Custom Transformers
  • Comsol Introduces the Microfluidics Module
  • austriamicrosystems Introduces AS5410 Absolute Linear Position Sensor IC as First Product of 3D Hall Platform
  • USMMA Lauds Legislation to Reduce Economic and Security Risks
  • Research and Markets: Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Systems Market Will Reach $39 Million In 2014
  • Great Western Minerals Group CEO Testifies Before US Congress Regarding Pending Critical Minerals and Rare Earth Legislation

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