Celera Motion Expands Omni+ Direct Drive Motor Platform 

With an innovative electromagnetic design that delivers elite torque density and a compact form factor, Celera Motion is expanding its Omni+ series of direct drive motors suitable for surgical robots, satellite communications and other applications. The pre-engineered frameless motor kit series has now been expanded with a new 100-mm size, and more sizes are in the works. 

“The Omni+ Series delivers a ‘magic combination’ of motion smoothness and high torque density while offering an ideal form factor,” said Mike Mainvielle, VP product management & marketing of Celera Motion. “The motor kits are easy to integrate into a wide variety of applications, including surgical robots, satellite communications and collaborative robots. We’re very pleased to see so many companies embracing all that the Omni+ Series has to offer.” 

The motors are designed to provide higher torque density and ultra-low cogging, resulting in smooth motion, lower power dissipation and decreased temperature rise. The technology provides high speeds and accelerations with superior mechanical stiffness, reducing settling times and increasing system performance and throughput. 

Custom windings and form factors available to meet application requirements. Introduced in 2020, the series includes 60-mm and 70-mm versions, and more sizes are planned. For more info, see www.celeramotion.com