Balluff Adds to Magnetic Encoder Line with New Interface & Monitoring Capabilities

Balluff has added several versions to its line of magnetic encoder systems that offer enhancements for smart sensor requirements and condition monitoring, also plug-and-play interface capabilities with Siemens equipment. They join a robust family of absolute magnetic encoders from the company that are designed to deliver absolute accuracy of position when end-of-travel is required.

The models that enable condition monitoring meet IO-Link’s smart sensor profile 2.0 specifications, adding four switching signal channels to the process data. Each channel uses IO-Link to program an on and off point for the encoder, which allows measurements to be limited to set ranges or windows. Position, switchpoint and status data also available with absolute measuring functionality. An enhanced version of the encoder adds condition monitoring functions to report signal quality and a low signal threshold to alert when maintenance may be needed. 

“The additional capabilities of these advanced encoder systems make them unique to the market and provide high value to users in a wide range of industries. There’s nothing else like it on the market,” said Scott Rosenberger, Balluff technical support engineer. Developed for measuring and positioning applications, the encoders provide absolute measurement by traveling above a magnetically coded strip that can be up to 8 meters long, with a read distance of 1.3 mm. 

In March, the company introduced two versions of its absolute magnetic linear encoders with Siemens Drive-Cliq interface designed for plug-and-play installation into Siemens motion controller environments. Plug-and-play installation makes incorporating them into the drive system easy. The controller automatically detects the sensor and its basic settings.  

Since leaving and returning to the detection range of the magnetic tape is permitted, the encoders provide a simple and economical solution for demanding applications in the fields of automation and machine tool building including retrofit applications. 

Based in Neuhausen, Germany, near Stuttgart, Balluff manufactures a broad array of automation products including many magnetic solutions such as magnetorestrictive linear position sensors, magnetic linear and rotary encoders, inductive sensors and magnetic field sensors. See