API Technologies Adds High Temperature EMI Filter to Product Offering

API Technologies Corp. has announced the expansion of its EMI/EMC filter family with the addition of EMI filters for high operating temperature environments.

API’s high temperature, epoxy sealed, bolt-in style EMI feedthrough filter is capable of continuous operation at 175°C with an average temperature coefficient of -25 percent at max operating temperature. These filters are well-suited for the oil and gas industry’s high temperature instrumentation, engine controller, and other high temperature applications.

API’s high temperature EMI filters have consistent operating properties from -55°C to 175°C. They meet applicable requirements of MIL-PRF-15733, including mechanical shock, vibration and 1000 hour lift testing at 175°C. The temperature coefficient at 175°C is ±25 percent and the capacitance and voltage rating can be configured to meet customer requirements. The filters are available in the same performance range as API’s existing EMI feedthrough offerings; this allows for a convenient drop-in replacement for existing API designs that now require higher temperature performance.   Click here for more information.