AKM Shrinks Magnetic Sensor for Mobile Devices to One-Fifth the Size of Preceding Version; Develops New Tutorial on Magnetic Sensing

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has released a new tri-axis magnetic smart switch sensor, the AK09970D, a device with a much smaller overall footprint than its predecessor. Also, the company has a great technical tutorial on the fundamentals of numerous types of magnetic sensing in a new technology website that it has developed, depicted above.

Package size of the new sensor is one-fifth of its predecessor, the AK09970N, says AKM. It is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and various wearable devices, requiring low power consumption and offering a high degree of freedom in placement. By adopting a 1.35mm, 6-pin WL-CSP package, the area has been reduced to an ultra-small size compared to the conventional 3.0mm, 16-pin QFN package. 

Among its key features is the ability to notify the system when a magnetic field has exceeded a set threshold through an internal register or through an external output pin. This could allow a system to enter a sleep mode until a magnetic interrupt event occurs. Applications include open/close, stroke, rotation, and push detection in mobile devices 

The company’s new technology site that includes a general tutorial, Basic Knowledge of Magnetic Sensing, with a comprehensive view of many types of magnetic sensors. It also carries technical details and explanations about the new tri-axis sensor.

For more info, see:  www.technology.akm/us/en/