Solvay Partners with Carester for Magnet Recycling & Manufacturing in Europe 

Global chemicals giant Solvay and French rare earths consultancy Carester are planning to form a strategic partnership aimed at leveraging the expertise of both companies to pursue manufacturing opportunities within the rare earth industry for the permanent magnets value chain in Europe. The collaboration, announced in March as a signing of a memorandum of understanding, will enable both companies to enhance their respective strengths in the rare earths industry, with Solvay contributing its industrial assets and operational experience, and Carester bringing expertise in recycling end-of-life equipment, upstream market knowledge and related activities. […]

e-Power Technology

New Magnetic Materials Developed by Proterial for Motor Cores and Shielding 

Proterial, formerly known as Hitachi Metals, has recently developed two magnetic materials that bring new capabilities to product design engineers – one is a laminated bonded amorphous alloy ribbon for motor cores in high-efficiency motors, the other a highly heat-resistant magnetic shielding sheet for electronic devices. […]


Niron Magnetics Secures Funding from Samsung Ventures & Auto Heavyweights to Accelerate Production of Rare Earth-Free Magnets 

Niron Magnetics has been raking in new strategic investor funding with a $25 million round led by Samsung Ventures that included automotive top-tier suppliers Allison Transmission and Magna, and a further collaboration with General Motors. […]

Research & Development

Flexible Levitation on a Track (FLOAT): DARPA’s Magnetic Lunar Railway System

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been selected by DARPA to further develop the concept of building a moon-based railroad network … The envisioned lunar railroad network could transport humans, supplies and resources for commercial ventures across the lunar surface – contributing to a space economy for the United States and international partner […]


TCT Magnetic Core & Component Collaborates with E-peas to Create Self-Powered Current Sensor 

Magnetic component and core specialist TCT of France has collaborated with Belgian semiconductor company e-peas to develop a self-powered AC current sensor using TCT’s magnetic core as an energy harvester based on inductance.  The innovative […]

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2025 Industry Events

Advances in Magnetics (AIM2025) Welcome – 2025 IEEE Advances in Magnetics ( February 9-12Bolzano, Italy Welcome to the 5th edition of the International Conference Advances in Magnetics (AIM2025), which will be held in Bressanone (Bolzano), Italy, on February 9-12, […]