ThinGap Comes Out with Its Smallest Ever Motor Kits

ThinGap, manufacturer of permanent magnet brushless motors designed around its proprietary ironless composite stators, has come out with its smallest motor kit ever. The ultra-small 25 mm outer diameter class of motors is an expansion of its L5 series of slotless motor kits and is about the size of a 1-inch hose clamp.  

The new LSI 25-10 is the first released product in a planned series of the same size range. It is 10 mm high. Before year-end, it is expected to be joined by two taller designs, the LSI 25-16 and LSI 25-25 with 16 and 25 mm axial heights, respectively. 

Designed for zero cogging, the motor kits accomplish smooth and precise motion for robotics, automation and optics equipment in medical, aerospace, industrial and communications markets that need high precision. Two uses are in respirators and portable oxygen generators. The lamination stacks that surround the coil-wrapper stator in the L5 series are ideal for clamping and bonding for system ntegration and provide a thermal path that improves the motor’s efficiency. The company’s complete LS line of slotless motor kits range in size from 25 to 267 mm outer diameter and continuous torque from .1 to 12 N-m. 

ThinGap’s core technology is its ironless composite stator  

ThinGap’s core technology is its proprietary ironless composite stator. It is the backbone of its innovative brushless motors and generators, resulting in machines with unprecedented performance. In contrast to conventional wire wound slotted motors, the company says. 

The stators consist of electromagnetic coils embedded in a composite structure. This facilitates a high ratio of conductor to total stator volume, excellent cooling, and near optimal interaction of the electromagnetic conductors with the magnetic rotor circuit, providing high power density. Cogging torque that accompanies traditional motors is eliminated due to the absence of magnetic materials in the stator, and torque ripple effects are significantly reduced by the ironless design. 

Located in Camarillo, CA, ThinGap has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of frameless electric motor and generator kits for over 15 years. See