Temposonics Adds Magnetorestrictive Sensors 

Temposonics, formerly MTS Sensors, has added several new magnetorestrictive sensors to its products for industrial applications. The E-Series linear position sensors with IO-Link feature increased multi-position measurement, enabling the detection and output of up to eight positions simultaneously. Suitable for the requirements of various industrial applications, their compact design enables the use of magnetostrictive sensor technology in limited space. 

By determining several positions on only one sensor, the need for additional sensors is eliminated resulting in streamlined measurement. It means that while maintaining precision, costs are reduced, and processes are simplified. For example, in the cutting and winding of materials such as paper and film. In such systems, several knives and trim tapes usually move on one rail. Until now, a sensor was used for each knife. Due to multi-position measurement, the positions of up to eight knives or trim tapes can now be monitored with just one sensor. 

The company also recently expanded its R-Series V position sensors. Focused on industry 4.0 functions like machine monitoring, predictive maintenance and process optimization, the new designs provide greater flexibility of use in industrial applications. Now, the powerful, magnetostrictive position sensor is available with detached sensor electronics and flexible sensor rod. The linear transducer is ideal for mounting within confined spaces and the sensor rod can be installed in the cylinder, while the sensor head is mounted externally.  This separation of sensor rod and sensor electronics housing offers higher protection resulting in less down time.  

An industry leader in magnetorestrictive sensing technologies, the company, formerly MTS Sensors, was acquired by Amphenol in 2021 and renamed Temposonics. Now the business in Cary, North Carolina in the USA is operated as Temposonics, LLC, and the business in Ludenscheid, Germany is operated as Temposonics GmbH & Co. There are about 440 employees worldwide. See www.temposonics.com